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About TASK Construction


TASK Construction is a Class A Construction company along with its’ owners that have brought innovation to the construction business for over 20 years. TASK prides itself on word of mouth referrals from our valued clients and businesses. TASK Construction specializes in all exteriors and has capabilities for all construction projects large and small. We are one of the only Class A contractors in the country that focuses primarily on exteriors.

TASK Construction is in the business of being on top of your property. We
maintain a level of integrity, commitment, customer service and dedication to our clients. TASK is a Class A General contractor that has staked our reputation on our ability to deliver on each of these levels.

THE OWNERSTASK Construction has offices in several markets including Kansas City, Omaha, Denver, Indianapolis, Nashville, and St. Louis. At TASK Construction we pride ourselves in customer satisfaction and referral based business. The standard of excellence TASK Construction embraces is the same it generates – high quality. TASK ensures their actions generate positive reactions for their clients.

Why choose TASK Construction?

TASK Construction carries two million dollars in liability insurance for every residential property we work with. Our licensed and insured workers are provided one million dollars in workmans compensation while they are carrying out work to your property.